Upcoming Events

I’ve got a few new events on my schedule! Check them out:

First up, I’ll be vending at the Leonard Oakes Steampunk Festival in Medina, New York. From the event description:

This year you will be welcomed into the Festival by Hala and Lalo, our duo of SteamPunk Stilt Walkers. Once you are in the event you now enter the world of inventors, creators, live artists, authors, chefs, musicians, side show performers, fermentation artists and those who pour the fermentation art!

General Admission tickets are $12 and VIP tickets are $25.

Next will be the second annual Indie Author Day! I’ll be presenting again at the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library. My topic this year will be “Tips and Tools to Keep Your Story Organized”.

Looking farther ahead, in April 2018 I’ll be vending at the Wings Falls Steamposium in Glens Falls, New York. From the event description:

A gathering of Cogs and Lace to celebrate the Alternative History of Glens Falls. Friday Night Meet and Greet Party at the Queensbury Hotel followed by 10:00 pubcrawl. Saturday 10 – 5 all day Free event with Marketplace, Entertainment, Panels, Walking Tours, Shirt Factory and Gallery Tour. Inventors Challenge (Making something from Repurposed Junk to benefit the Homeless Shelter), Kids activities, Steampunk Your Pet, Saturday Night Time Travelers Ball with Food and Entertainment and Fashion Show. Sunday Mid-Morning Mad Hatter Tea. Come as your favorite Alice in Wonderland Character. We are having a Tin Type Photographer!

Stay up to date on all my upcoming events on my website and Facebook page!

#SteampunkHands Around the World: Making Life Better – Maker Culture

*artwork by MrXpk*

Steampunk Hands Around the World 2017- Making Life Better is a month long event in February 2017 showing and sharing the great steampunk people, events, and things around the world that other people should know about. Through these means, we come together as a community to forge new connections and friendships, inspire and be inspired by each other, and create realities from the stuff of dreams.

This year, we will share and explore the ways in which steampunk can and has made life better, for ourselves and for others. How does steampunk make life more fun and enjoyable, how does it expand our horizons and help us define who we are, or who we want to be? How does steampunk inform us about ourselves, others, and the world around us? How does it help us find solutions for real life problems, and find ways to make changes for the better?

Airship Ambassador

Today’s contribution to Steampunk Hands Around the World focuses on the “maker culture” of steampunk. One of the primary draws of steampunk is the tangible nature of anachronistic technologies. You can see how the gears move, how pulling this lever activates motion here or there. It’s so entirely different from modern, “black box” technology.

“Maker culture” calls back to these tangible technologies. Makers create their inventions from scratch, with wood and brass and copper, or by re-purposing existing items. Makers work with their hands, get their hands dirty.

A lot of this is considered a “lost art” these days. Most people don’t build or fix things themselves anymore. You bring your car to the shop, you hire a plumber or an electrician. You bring your broken gizmo or gadget to a store where it’s simply replaced with a shiny new one. Maker culture is fighting this trend.


Image from The Enchanted City

I attended a steampunk festival in Troy, New York this summer – The Enchanted City III: A Brave New World. This festival included events, such as the Inventor’s Challenge and the Mini Maker Fair, that encouraged participants to don their lab coats and goggles and get to work. The Mini Maker Fair, targeted toward kids, is especially important in my eyes. This is where steampunk goes beyond a whimsical genre of books or movies and becomes a force of real tangible good for young people. It encourages their creativity and challenges their problem solving skills. It builds a familiarity with mechanical and technical objects and ideas that will stay with them for years. Steampunk is helping to encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers.


Image from The Enchanted City

Year in Review: 2016

The year 2016 has been a roller-coaster-ride of a year. Between wars, crazy politics, and the huge number of celebrity deaths (on that note, I’m not a religious person, but isn’t there something in the bible about good people being sent to heaven right before the apocalypse, leaving only the sinners left on earth to suffer? Anyway…) a lot of us are ready to kiss 2016 goodbye.

But it wasn’t all bad! This year, I’m proud to say I became a published author, one of my life-long dreams. So below is my Year in Review for 2016, highlighting the milestones (some writing-related, some not) that have defined my personal journey this year.

I really encourage you all to sit down and make a similar list. What were the moments in 2016 you were proud of? No matter how big or small, try to remember every moment that made you happy. Did you reconnect with an old friend? Get acknowledged for your hard work? Meet a fitness goal? Find a new favorite movie?

Make the list, and if you still feel rotten about 2016, do what my friends and I are doing on New Year’s Eve: build a bonfire and burn 2016 calendars. I think it will be pretty cathartic.

The Enchanted City Preview

Tomorrow I will be attending an event that I’m VERY excited for: The Enchanted City III: A Brave New World. The Enchanted City is the annual steampunk festival in Troy, NY. Troy, being a city that was booming during the Victorian Era and has recently been going through a revival, is the perfect backdrop for this event.


I’ll start the day off at Market Block Books, located near the Chamberlain’s Inventors’ Challenge, for a signing event for my novel, Grigory’s Gadget, from 11am to 1pm. During and after my signing, there will be a plethora of activities happening elsewhere in the Enchanted City! Check out the jam-packed schedule below:


There’s something for everyone at this event! I’m particularly excited about the races, costume contests, cook-off, and the myriad of musical performances! Not to mention the vendors…alright, I admit, I’m excited for everything!

If you’re in the Capital District, I highly recommend you check out this awesome festival.