What I Learned From My Indiegogo Campaign

Background: I recently ran an Indiegogo Campaign to help fund my debut novel, Grigory's Gadget. Since I've decided to self-publish, the cost of professional editing, cover design, etc. is my burden, rather than a publisher's. For the editors and designers I've decided to work with (Writership and Deranged Doctor Design) that burden summed up to … Continue reading What I Learned From My Indiegogo Campaign


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!┬áHere's just a quick update on the Grigory's Gadget campaign: With just over one week left, we've raised $1,400! Thank you all so much! With the end in sight, I've decided to run a Referral Contest! How It Works: Using the Share buttons on the Indiegogo page, share my campaign wherever you want … Continue reading Happy Halloween!