My Self-Editing Process

This past November, I technically did not win NaNoWriMo, but in a way, I did. Confused? What I mean is, while I didn't write 50,000 words over the course of November, I did complete my rough draft of my book, Serafima's Stone - Book 2 of the Gaslight Frontier Series! As is my custom, I then … Continue reading My Self-Editing Process


And Now For Something Completely Different…New Blog!

“And now for something completely different…” – John Cleese, Monty Python This series of blog posts is for posts that don’t really match the rest of my blog (i.e. they aren’t related to writing, reading, steampunk, etc) but that I wanted to post anyway. In this post, I'll be discussing my new blog! The new … Continue reading And Now For Something Completely Different…New Blog!

Happy New Year!

Hey there, long-time no-see! Sorry about that... But, Happy New Year! I hope you all made some good memories in 2017, and have wonderful plans for 2018! It's been an...interesting...year. Let's all work together to make 2018 as awesome as possible! I have a few goals moving into the new year. First of all, I'd … Continue reading Happy New Year!