My Favorite Great American Authors

With the US Independence Day coming up, I thought I would share with you my favorite authors which hail from the USA! This list includes authors of the classic Great American Novels that I love. Ernest Hemingway You can't make a list of great American authors without including Hemingway. The only thing as interesting as … Continue reading My Favorite Great American Authors


The Gaslight Frontier Wiki

Lately I've decided to get back to work filling up the wiki I created a while back for the Gaslight Frontier. What is a wiki, you ask? A wiki is a website on which users collaboratively add and modify content and structure directly from the web browser. The most well-known example is the website Wikipedia. … Continue reading The Gaslight Frontier Wiki

And Now For Something Completely Different…My First Stitch Fix!

“And now for something completely different…” – John Cleese, Monty Python This series of blog posts is for posts that don’t really match the rest of my blog (i.e. they aren’t related to writing, reading, steampunk, etc) but that I wanted to post anyway. In this edition, I'll be reviewing my first Stitch Fix box. … Continue reading And Now For Something Completely Different…My First Stitch Fix!