Grigory’s Gadget Dream Cast

Every author dreams, at least a little bit, that their book will some day get adapted to the big screen. Here is my dream cast for a Grigory’s Gadget movie!

Cara Delevingne
Zoya Orlova played by Cara Delevigne

Just have to dye that hair purple 😉

Aimee carrero
Anya Filipova played by Aimee Carrero
Summer Bishil
Lilia Alkaeva played by Summer Bishil
Ansel Elgort
Demyan Volkov played by Ansel Elgort
Jessie T Usher
Nikolai Polzin played by Jessie T. Usher
Bryan Cranston
Captain Edward Sokoll played by Bryan Cranston
Nicholas Hoult
Alexi Sokoll played by Nicholas Hoult
Lucy Lawless
Captain Snezhana Krupina played by Lucy Lawless
Naveen Andrews
Pavel played by Naveen Andrews
Keke Palmer
Tonya played by Keke Palmer
Oscar Isaac
Yeremiy Robertov played by Oscar Isaac
Neil Patrick Harris
Gotfrid played by Neil Patrick Harris
Daniel Dae Kim
Adam played by Daniel Dae Kim
David OHara
Igor played by David O’Hara
Isaac Hempstead Wright
Pyotr played by Isaac Hempstead Wright

What do you think of this cast? Are there any actors/actresses you think would be better for different characters? Let me know!


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