The Collaborative Writing Challenge

I believe I’ve mentioned off-hand in previous blog posts that I’m participating in the Collaborative Writing Challenge Steampunk Challenge! I’m very excited about this project, which officially kicks off on December 30th.

The Collaborative Writing Challenge is a project where multiple authors (approximately 30!) work on a story together, chapter-by-chapter. All participants were able to submit their ideas for Chapter 1, which were due for this project on December 2nd. From there, the admins of the challenge selected their favorite three chapters. The participants are now voting on which of those chapters will become the official Chapter 1 of our story!

From there, 4-5 authors at a time will write submissions for subsequent chapters, which will then be voted on by all participants. Each chapter writer will receive the full Chapter 1, the full chapter prior to the one they will write, and a synopsis of every chapter in between. The writers will also receive thorough notes containing a list of characters, locations, and highlights. The result will be a 30-chapter novel written by up to 30 different authors!

There’s still time left to join the challenge if you want! Otherwise, stay tuned for news as the project moves forward. The final chapter submissions will be due in August 2017. From there, the novel will be edited and then published!

I also want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Blessed Yule, Io Saturnalia, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Newtonmas, and Happy birthday to myself 😉


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