In Anticipation of Autumn

The first day of autumn is less than a week away!

Yes, I am one of those fall-loving girls, and I have no shame. The summer here in Buffalo, NY was especially brutal this year. We had eight 90+ degree days (it felt like more!) and a strange combination of high humidity and a summer-long drought. It was too gross to be outside unless absolutely necessary, especially since I don’t have a pool. So yes, I am very much looking forward to autumn!

It also just-so-happens that a lot of autumn tropes are also writing and reading tropes. Curling up with a good book, sipping tea, experiencing the existential crisis that results from equating the coming winter with our own looming mortality…

It really gets those creative juices flowing!

Speaking of tea, I’ve created custom-blended Grigory’s Gadget-themed teas at Adagio Teas. Each tea is inspired by a character or place in the story:

All Tea Labels.jpg
Zoya Orlova: Berry Rooibos Tea; Lilia Alkaeva: Masala Chai Tea; Anya Filipova: Yerba Mate Tea; Nikolai Polzin: Gunpowder Green Tea; Demyan Volkov: Almond Oolong Tea; Dream of Mirgorod: Tropical White Tea; Lodninsk: Pu Erh and Chestnut Tea

5% of the sales for each of these blends is donated to Amnesty International. (I don’t receive anything from the sales; I just made them for fun!)

So grab some tea, cuddle up with a book, and enjoy the cooler weather!


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