Saratoga FanCon in Review

This past Saturday I was proud to be a guest at the Saratoga FanCon at the Saratoga Springs Public Library. Saratoga FanCon is a free, all-ages comics & pop culture event. They had guests from a variety of fandoms including, comics, manga, gaming, fan art, cosplay, and more! Their mission is to promote geekery, fandom, … Continue reading Saratoga FanCon in Review


Meet the Characters: Anya Filipova

(Image Credit: Galia Jelnova) For this series, I'm going to delve into the characters of Grigory's Gadget in the style of those fun/silly surveys that pop-up on social media from time-to-time. I'll also include name pronunciation, because I know a lot of people have been asking about that! (That being said, you can pronounce the … Continue reading Meet the Characters: Anya Filipova