E. A. Hennessy is Not Available at the Moment, Please Leave a Message After the Beep


I debated not posting on my blog this week. I didn’t want to break my blog schedule, though, so here I am.

I’m SO busy this week working on Grigory’s Gadget. I have my time booked with my cover artist at Deranged Doctor Design for mid/late January, which means I need to have a final page count (so they can use the proper spine width) by then. That means I need to finish my copy edits, proofread, and format the interior by *approximately* January 15th. (There is actually nothing approximate about this date. Once I set a deadline for myself I meet it, goddamnit! I’m a tad “Type A”)

Did I mention I also have a full time job?

In order to manage my time and give my editing the attention it needs, I’ve dedicated every “free” moment of my day to my novel. I set daily goals for myself to finish copy editing by Saturday (about 2 chapters per day) and haven’t had to stay up too late to meet them. I’d call that success.

While I finish up my novel, now is a GREAT time to sign up for my newsletter! Subscribers will be the first to see the cover art and map for Grigory’s Gadget (I should have these by the end of January/beginning of February). Don’t worry, I won’t spam you. I only send emails when I actually have news or special offers. CLICK HERE to sign up!


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