Music and the Muse

This is a topic that comes up a lot in writing circles, and there are no right (or wrong) answers: What music do you listen to while you write?

There’s a range of possibilities here, from classical to hard rock to good-old-fashioned silence. My own answer to this question ranges pretty widely too. Different types of music inspire me in different ways, and at different points in the process.

When I’m brainstorming/daydreaming/etc. about my story, there’s a huge variety of music that inspires me. Dramatic scenes, more often than not, are inspired by movie soundtracks, especially ones by Hans Zimmer. Character development and character-relationship development is often inspired by the music I listen to day-to-day, namely alternative rock.

When I’m in the throws of writing (not revising or editing) I tend to find that silence works best. It allows me to get lost in my mind as I write, to better connect to the characters and the scene.

When I’m editing and revising, I go back to movie soundtracks and other instrumental music. I find it keeps me focused and inspired.

Here’s the music I listened to during the process of writing and revising Grigory’s Gadget:

  • All of the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks
  • The Sherlock Holmes (the ones with Robert Downey, Jr.) soundtracks
  • The”Jazz Goes Steampunk! Electro Swing Invasion” album
  • “Steampunk Fantasy Rock” by Ian Cecil Scott
  • the “My Head Is An Animal” album by Of Monsters and Men
  • Lots of songs by my favorite band, Guster, especially their newest album Evermotion
  • “Hero” by Family of the Year inspired a particular plot change (sorry, no spoilers!)

So there’s my take on music and writing!



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