Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Here’s just a quick update on the Grigory’s Gadget campaign:

  • With just over one week left, we’ve raised $1,400! Thank you all so much!
  • With the end in sight, I’ve decided to run a Referral Contest!

How It Works: Using the Share buttons on the Indiegogo page, share my campaign wherever you want (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc) (make sure you use the buttons on the Indiegogo page!-it’s the only way I can be sure that your referrals will count!). You’ll be entered into the contest if someone clicks on your link and then contributes to the campaign!

Winning and the Prize: The winner will be whoever has the most contributions from their referrals! The prize will be your choice of a FREE Steamship Pirate t-shirt or a FREE Grigory’s Gadget candle, as well as a social media thank-you shoutout (unless you don’t want that)! The Referral Contest runs through the end of the campaign!

I hope you all enjoy the holiday! Be safe and make sure to eat a lot of candy 😉

Update 10/24/2015

Hello and welcome to my new blog page! I’ve decided to move from the Wix blog site to WordPress. The old posts can still be found here.

In other news, we’re more than halfway through my Indiegogo Campaign to support Grigory’s Gadget! With just 17 days to go, we’ve raised $1,195! Thank you all so much for your support!

Grigory's Gadget Indiegogo

I’m continuing to edit Grigory’s Gadget in preparation for sending it off to the editors at Writership. Beyond that, I will be working with the artists at Deranged Doctors Design for my book cover, map, and marketing materials.

Stay tuned for more news! And please consider contributing to and sharing my Indiegogo campaign!